Sunday, 21 February 2010

i heart hand-drawn type


(Playing around with my new Wacom tablet! Need more practice :P)

My love for these I can't express...

I <3 vintage cars.
So much.
Recently saw a mint condition 1956 VW Beetle... Can't even express how beautiful it was. The interior is gorgeous, a little flag sticks out on the side when you indicate, an original accessory was a little vase thing next to the steering wheel! 
I'll have one, one day, and will love it dearly.

EEK! The Dentist!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I luuurrrrvv antique stuff. Like, so much. As well as kitsch stuff and just generally stuff that's old and sometimes a bit siff.
Found these plates of awesomeness over at Lucky Pony. I want! And matching teacups please :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Some cool stuffs...

1. Love these shoes. Seen at Smile and Wave
2. Badge from Sheryl Derilo
3. Scrabble cushions! (can't remember where I saw them)
4. Pendant from The Harbinger Co.

1. Love this awesome girl at Liebemarlene Vintage! Amazing vintage clothing ensembles
2. Cool framed illustration, seen at Lucky Pony
3. Absolutely love this chest of drawers! (each letter is a drawer) Inspired by vintage wood printing blocks of course. I'd so love one of these. Made by Kent and London
4. Yummy-looking, pretty heart biscuits (can't remember where i saw them :P )

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Cool stuffs

Love these pretty iPhone and iPod covers! Beautiful designs, although I'm not too stoked that they're printed on kid skin leather. Made by Tovicorrie.

Awesome geek heart pendant :D i luvz it! 
Made by Becky Stern

*found at artatheart

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A beautiful wedding

A good friend of mine got married recently... It was such an amazing wedding! I'm sooo happy for her! The decor was so pretty as well. The awesomeness included delish home-made jam in cute little jars for each person, super-yummy fresh bread rolls in clay pots, scrumptious cupcakes, a lemonade stand made by the groom (!!), and of course the bride looked in-freakin-credible. *sigh*
Check out the pics...

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