Sunday, 29 May 2011

Home Sweet Homies

Some pics from the exhibition the other night at Gallery 415, featuring rad Durban artists, Skullboy and Tokyo-Go-Go.

Really love the artwork on the walls in the gallery entrance...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Colombo Tea and Coffee Co.

So I fiiiinally got my ass to this cool place. I love that it's so sort of hidden away and quiet. Really dig the industrial vibe with all the machinery around, and of course the coffee was very good. Can't wait to go there again :) Had a rad time with my awesome friends that day.
Find out more about Colombo Tea and Coffee co here.

And then I saw this guy later on... Have any of you Durbanites seen him?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

the Collective

Feel like I haven't done any happy snapping in ages... not sure why, but anyway, I got a chance tonight at the grand opening of the COLLECTIVE. Twas rather flipping crowded so the pics are kinda... blurry and stuff. (But that just adds to my amateur photographer style, or so I like to think, hah).

"the COLLECTIVE is an art gallery for the artists.
We are a platform for young artists to showcase their works, and for all to have a place to host workshops, discussion groups and relax.
Coffee and wifi will be available for those who need a 'temporary office', and for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere, and cookies and muffins are available for a nice snack."

This is so rad, Durban has been dying for something like this for ages. The exhibitors for the opening included Our., Riaan van Jaarsveld (Belgium), Sarah Cummins, Claude Chandler, Javier Hinojosa (Mexico). Also live art by Ewok, Warren Raysdorf, Skull Boy, Dain Knudson and more.
It's based right next door to Ike's Books, an awesome bookshop full of the most epic old books. The amount of pure history in that place is mindblowing. How magnificent is that massive bible?! Also a great place if you like sniffing old books, hehe :)
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