Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fluffë Flavoured Cotton Candy

Fluffë Flavoured Cotton Candy / Candy Floss / Fairy Floss

I came across this site the other day and it made me so happy I just had to share it! Fluffë is an Australian product conceptualised and created by a guy called Nathan. From what I gather, it's pretty much a one man show, which makes it all the more exciting to me - entrepreneurship FTW!

So what is Fluffë? Beautiful flavoured candy floss! Or "fairy floss" as they cal it in Australia, or "cotton candy" as they say in the US. Fluffë says "pink is not a flavour" and create their own flavoured sugars by hand... they'll even create a custom flavour for you! Just close your eyes and imagine the magic of candy floss in flavours like cereal, birthday cake, rosetachio, cookies and cream, unicorn poop, mojito and more. Amazing! I have always harboured a guilty love for candy floss, so I find this concept terribly exciting, even though it's so far away.
If you're in Australia, get your hands on some of that fluffy goodness and tell me what it's like :)

Fluffë Flavoured Cotton Candy / Candy Floss / Fairy Floss

Check out their website and cool Instagram feed for more drool-worthy temptation.

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy 2016 + January 2016 Free Printable Calendar

Happiness is... January 2016 Free Printable Calendar
Happy 2016! 
Hope you've all had a wonderful and restful holiday and are refreshed for the new year. I've broken my holiday up into two phases: 01 rest and chill, 02 work catchup and prep. I've spent a loooot of time asleep these holz and it's been amazing. I'm generally chronically sleep deprived most of the year due to bad sleep habits, so it's been so great to just relax and get ALL the sleep without stressing that I'm not getting work done. This week it's onto phase two, where I'll be cleaning up my systems and processes to improve areas where I found problems last year and to make everything run  more smoothly this year. I'm also going to be finalising my new site and online store! Can't wait for that, keep an eye out for giveaways and new products coming with that later this month. Then it's officially back to work from next week Monday.
In case you missed it last year, you can still order a 2016 calendar in printable or printed form.

Here's your January calendar, created using hand lettering with ink and brush pen, by me. Hope you like it, and here's wishing you an amazing start to the year and a great day today if it's your first day back at work :)

Get your copy now and share this post with your friends!
Happiness is... January 2016 Free Printable Calendar
Please take a second to comment with your answer 
to one little question for me:
Do you prefer the week starting on a Sunday or Monday on the calendars? 
(i.e. it currently starts on a Sunday)
Please comment with either Sunday or Monday. 
You can also let me know if you have a favourite calendar design from the past calendars, 
or which ones you liked best so I can create more like those for you ;)
Thank you, your feedback is hugely appreciated!
Happiness is... January 2016 Free Printable Calendar and Planner
Happiness is... January 2016 Free Printable Calendar and Planner (black and white)
Get your calendars first PLUS extra exclusive printable freebies by subscribing to the Happiness is... Lucky Packet!

I love when people share pics of their calendars in use! Share yours via twitterfacebookinstagram or pinterest using the hashtag #happinessis_calendars. 

Have a fantastic start to 2016! 

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