Monday, 25 November 2013

Creating an Online Store - Day 6 in the Creative Business Series

Happy Monday! I hope you've been following the Creative Business Series last week! Caitlyn started it off with “The most important question to ask yourself before starting your own business”, then was Megan with “Should you combine many passions or just choose one?”, Ilze spoke about “The importance of Professionalism”, Roxy spoke about “Blogging - where to begin?”, and Kelly spoke about “How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

 Happiness is... Creating an Online Store - tips for beginners

Ever wanted to sell your products on an online store, but didn't because it seems scary? I'm going to give you some insight into what's out there, best practices and what to watch out for.

First off, do some searching for online stores to find out what's available and what will best suit your product range. There are many options out there, each with different requirements and suited to different products. Just like in a normal store, you have to make sure that the online stores you choose to stock are aimed at your target audience. Look around at other seller's pages to get a feel for the kind of info you'll need to share and to see that the quality of products offered are in line with yours - you don't want to be represented on a site that doesn't suit the level of your work. Some sites, like Etsy, even allow you to see how many sales each shop has made and when they started their store.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Business Card Designs Featuring an Illustrated Fox & Hare

Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
A little while ago I was commissioned to design some business cards for the chef and restauranteur at local restaurant, Vovo Telo. She'd seen my business cards and was inspired by the variations and illustrations and asked for something based on that idea.
Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
So we ended up with five different card designs because she loved them all and couldn't bear to leave any out, but unlike mine they all have their own fronts and backs. 
Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
It was so much fun drawing and painting these characters and I'm so happy with how they turned out! I used a combination of brush pen and watercolour paint...
Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
Happiness is... watercolour and pen illustrated fox and hare for business cards
Check out my own business cards here and read about Vovo Telo here.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Monday Meow 08

one // two // three // four
Happy Monday!
Here's wishing you a happy and productive week ahead! In case you missed it last week, here's a link to the free December calendar printable to help get your holiday plans organised, and I've also included a little something extra. In other news this week, I'm part of a panel of nine bloggers and creative business owners who'll be sharing tips and expertise over the next two weeks. I'll be doing my post next week on how to start an online store, but click here to find out more about the Start Your Own Creative Business series and which other bloggers will be posting and when. 
I've got some fun, inspirational and informative guest bloggers lined up for some new posts coming soon, but will let you know more about that closer to the time. You can also look forward to more free printables to help make your holiday gifting and decorating original and special ;)
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Business Cards!

Happiness is... new business card designs
If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you might have seen the quick shot I posted of my new business cards earlier this week. A promised, here's a full look at what's changed since last time.
There are 9 different back designs, some the same as last time and some new. As with last time they're all zoomed in areas from my sketchbook, all originally hand drawn or hand painted. I've made them slightly larger now at 60x90mm as opposed to the standard 50x90mm, and I really like how that looks. I think considering there's a mini ‘artwork’ on the back, the increased size suits the content.
Happiness is... new business card designs

On the front, I had this idea of adding in a little doodle block. So my doodles are on the back, and you can add your own doodle on the front! Or just use it to write some quick info, up to you. I thought it was a fun idea so I'm trying it out. I also used a different paper this time that's lightly textured with a kind of natural look to it.
Happiness is... new business card designs
Happiness is... new business card designs
Happiness is... new business card designs
Maybe I'm trying to do too much here on one little business card, but I'd really like it to have more purpose and interest than the usual. Hopefully it also adds more value to it, which is always great! This batch will be numbered since there's just a few of each design and I might do a whole new batch next time... It's kind of an experiment, and I feel oddly excited about it :)
If you didn't see the last batch, you can have a look here.

I'd love to know your opinions on these ideas, so please do share your thoughts in the comments! :)

Free December Calendar Planner & Shopping List Printables!

Happiness is... free December 2013 calendar planner & shopping list printable download
So considering people need to plan for December way ahead, I got the December calendar to you earlier than usual, plus a little shopping list to match! So you can make your holiday and gift shopping lists while you're planning stuff on your calendar! Super organisation here we come :)
The lettering is all hand drawn and the “December” and “shopping for” are painted in watercolours. Hope you like the black and gold!
Enjoy and feel free to share these :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

The First Ever BlogOlympics!

Happiness is... Mr Price Sport BlogOlympics at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban
Tomorrow is the first ever BlogOlympics, hosted by Mr Price Sport, and I'm invited! Super keen, but also kinda scared, not gonna lie. 
It's all happening right here in Durbs at our awesome Moses Mabhida Stadium. Bloggers from Joburg and Cape Town will also be joining us to make up 24 BlogOlympians altogether to compete against each other in some fun events, including Afrisak, the Waboba Ball, the Zooper Ball and the Super Frisbee. (What the what what?! Haha, try saying "Waboba Ball" many times fast)

Each of the recreational games in the range have been included in events that will test the BlogOlympians’ skill in various disciplines, while bringing a light-hearted element to the competition.”

I love gyming, but competitive sports and things of the frisbee-tossing nature are not my vibe, so this should be super entertaining.... for everyone watching!
Jokes aside, I'm super keen! Can't wait to meet a bunch of other bloggers in person and hopefully even win some prizes, and even get a workout in. The official hashtag for the event is #BlogO13, so watch out for that tomorrow if you'd like to see what's going on via twitter. Wish me luck! :)
Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Monday Meow 07

Happiness is... Monday Meow - cat stuff for cat people
Happiness is... Monday Meow - cat stuff for cat people
Happy  Monday! Today's Monday Meow is slightly different in that all these items are actually my own! Yup, total cat-lady over here. 
1 tiny little black cat I got many years ago from a charity stall
2 little felt keyring I made a few years ago
3 cat scissors I've owned pretty much my whole life (or as far back as I can remember!)
4 black cat tape dispenser/holder - a gift
5 rubber cat magnet whose tail bends to make it a hook to hang stuff on. Awesome or what?! - also a gift

Have a wonderful week ahead and watch out for the December FREE calendar download tomorrow plus a little something extra! If you missed November's calendar it's not too late to get it here.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

2-Ingredient Gluten Free Pancakes - Illustrated!

Happiness is... 2-Ingredient Gluten Free Pancakes - an easy illustrated recipe
Yup, you read correctly - just 2 ingredients! I'm not into a gluten free diet or anything but am just trying to eat healthy. I came across this and thought it couldn't possibly taste any good with just two ingredients, but it's really not bad! The banana also makes it pretty sweet, so no need to add any sweetening agents during or after (the honey in the end pic is just for fun and for anyone who likes honey). And after I made them I also just felt like drawing this so that's why it's here, haha! Anyway, they also fall into the Paleo category so if you're into that it's for you, too!

So in case the pics don't say it clearly enough, here's what you do:
Use 1 banana and 2 eggs. 
In a bowl, mash up the banana with a fork as much as you can so that it isn't chunky. 
Then add the eggs and mix it up nicely. I used a whisk for this. 
Then pour the batter into a well greased pan on medium heat in small circles the way you normally would with crumpets/flapjacks (although the recipe says "pancakes", they really are more like crumpets)
Give them about a minute on each side to cook.
Get them out the pan and eat them while they're hot and yummy! 

I sprinkled some cinnamon on mine. They were tasty and also sweet enough to satisfy a sweet craving, and so quick and easy to make.
I can't remember where I first saw the recipe but I came across it again recently here if you'd like to see the original and nutritional info.
Hope you like it! Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Alternative Wedding Fair

Cupcake Toppers by Happiness is... at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
If you didn't make it to the Alternative Wedding Fair a few weeks ago here are a few snaps of it. There were some lovely pieces from other vendors and I had some cupcake toppers and notecards on sale which will be available in my Hello Pretty store soon and are also made to order to suit your event.
Kamma Lielie at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
Woodnews at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
Smith's Bake Shop at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
Wedding stationery, cupcake toppers and notecards by Happiness is... at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
Wedding stationery, cupcake toppers and notecards by Happiness is... at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
Wedding stationery, cupcake toppers and notecards by Happiness is... at the Durban Alternative Wedding Fair
Thanks to Lauren and Laurelle for the lovely pics!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Monday Meow 06

Happiness is... Monday Meow - cat stuff for cat people
one // two // three // four
Hope you had a lovely weekend! Here's to a happy productive week to start off November! And speaking of productivity, don't forget to grab your free November printable calendar planner.

Friday, 1 November 2013

November Free Printable Calendar Planner

FREE November printable calendar planner by Happiness is... illustration & design
Hope you like the November calendar download! I've been playing around a bit with different looks and would love to know which of the calendars have been your favourite so far. (Check out the past calendars here if you missed them). This will help me make them more awesome in future. If you have ideas of what you'd like to see, you can share those too! All feedback is appreciated :)
There are two designs because I like the black one, but I realise that will use a lot of black ink for the background, so for printer-friendliness there's a white background version as well.  You can choose which one you like... or even print both!

Hope you have a happy, productive November and a fantastic weekend!
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