Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Once Upon...

Love this photo series titled Once Upon from photographer Heidi Lender. Beautiful colours, textures, clothing and backgrounds...
Check out the rest of the series here.

Monday, 6 December 2010

I Heart Market lovelies

So I went to yet another beautiful I Heart Market this Saturday. It seems to be getting better everytime I go! This time it was held outside under the shady trees where it was nice and breezy, which was lovely coz it was a sweltering, sweaty Durban day. Lots of awesome stalls, all so inspiring...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tea and biscuits, nomnomnom



a music adventure

I recently stumbled onto this amazing music sharing site, thesixtyone, and I'm totally hooked so far. It randomly selects new music for you to listen to, while the screen is filled with awesome huge images. While the song plays you get written snippets about the band/musician and pics. You can join the site and then heart, share and download songs. It's pretty rad.
There's also a Mood option that chooses music according to the mood you select. There's a mode where you can discover new music and you can select how obscure/unheard you want the selection to be.
You can also choose to create playlists and follow other people's playlists. 
I love how when you click on something, instead of saying boring old "loading..." it says "pondering" or "wondering" or "speculating".

I do find the navigation kinda confusing, it's not all very well explained, but if you experiment a bit you get the idea of what's going on.

"thesixtyone is a streaming media website that uses collaborative filtering to organize, promote, and sell music uploaded by artists, many of whom are independent musicians. The site was founded by James Miao  and Samuel Hsiung and was released in January 2008.
The site takes its name from Highway 61, a route with deep connections to American music culture. According to the site's "bazaar" where users can purchase songs or mp3 albums uploaded by artists, "thesixtyone's guiding principle is to enable the creative middle class, providing talented artists the opportunity to make a living making music." The site also allows artists to license their music under Creative Commons licenses and allow free downloads.
On January 20, 2010, thesixtyone implemented a new design with emphasis on high resolution photography, location, and lyrics."
- Wikipedia
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