Friday, 13 November 2009

Felt funness!

So… I love sewing and crafts and stuff and have been wanting to sew cute little felt goodies for a long time now, but just haven’t go around to doing it until recently. I’ve done a few so far and am pretty stoked with the way they turned out. The thing is, I can’t just keep making these doodahs all willy nilly with no plan for them, else I’ll end up with a huge useless pile of them. So…. my plan is to sell them! I’m super-keen to really get this going. I’m a huge procrastinator and usually suck at stuff like this coz I’m usually too lazy to put in the effort… but with this project, it’s the most effort I’ve put into anything like this and I’m totally amped. A good start, let’s hope it takes off :)
The brand is called Happiness is… and they are badges and keyrings, hopefully with the potential to branch off into other things :)

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