Monday, 21 December 2009

Happiness is... the Antique Café

So there's this little antique shop and restaurant on Churchill Road in Morningside, Durban (near Windermere centre, if you know the area) called the Antique Café. It is the most awesome place to go to for lunch/ coffee/ a snack. I love antiques, and the stuff they've got at this place is just beautiful. The food is great and not pricey. My fave is the chilli-choc muffin, it's so so yummy. Muffins are served in a little clay pot with beautiful old cutlery.
This time I decided to try something different and be a bit adventurous. I had the avo, brie and onion marmalade on toast. I had never tried brie before... turns out it's an acquired taste.. for me :P I didn't like it at all. But apart from the brie, it was great, and nicely presented as well :)

I love this silver jug! So pretty.

The outside area and one of the rooms inside...

One of the walls inside, at the entrance...

The floor in one area inside! How cool!
(Yes, it's the same dress and shoes from before. Purely coincidental, I do have other clothes, haha :P )

In one of the other rooms inside...

I'd move in there tomorrow if I could :)

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