Monday, 29 March 2010

New music!

So I've been hearing quite a lot about the band Yeasayer recently...
According to Wikipedia, The name is pronounced /ˈjeɪseɪ.ər/ ...eerrrmm...ok then. Is it just me or does that really not help with the pronounciation at all? Clicking on that takes you to a table that's supposed to decode it. Humph. Anyway, I pronounce it Yay-sayer (like Naysayer, but YAY instead). The name was what attracted me in the first place, I liked that it was the opposite of naysayer :)

So the band is from Brooklyn, New York and classified as experimental rock, although I wouldn't really call it that. The band describes their sound as
"Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel".. which sounds a bit more accurate to me. I came across this video and this is the first and only song of theirs that I've heard so far.. and I really like it :) The video isn't mindblowing, but it's kinda interesting... weird face-changing people and a skinny, deranged-looking Indian dude in a cage thing, some odd dancers...

Have a listen and let me know what you think :)

Listen to more on their MySpace

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