Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eid 2010

Some pics from Friday, which was Eid. Decided to go for a different look, something rather unlike me :) Loved it.
(Right-click and select "view image" to view larger images.)

Some background on Eid for you's who don't know...
Eid marks the end of Ramadan, the month in the Islamic calendar during which Muslims fast. It's a complete fast, as in no food or drink at all from sunrise to sunset, for a whole month. It's a really awesome month, coz we focus a lot more on prayer and trying to lead our lives the way we should, and it creates such a great feeling, spiritually. This year especially felt really significant for me personally.
Many people think it's tough and the fasting sounds rather extreme, but it isn't. It's really about self control, empathy, and obedience.
The first day after Ramadan is Eid, the day the fasting ends. We celebrate by spending the day with extended family and eating lots of delicious yummies. It's great :)
I made a delish dessert, a Very Berry Chocolate Tray Bake, that turned out amaaayzingly!
Recipe will follow soon ;)


  1. nice pics!!!


  2. nice pics!!!



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