Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nev the Barber

Been feeling a combination of demotivation, lazyness and constant tiredness of late, so apologies for the lack of posting. Trying to get back on track :)

Check out this kiff new barbershop next to the Corner Cafe in Durbs. What a rad vibe!


  1. oh man i know that feeling. yuk!

    what a cool place, love the branding. i'm surprised no one has thought about doing this already...

    hope you feel better


  2. Awesome, the design is so fun and Durban!

  3. I love finding cool local bloggers - awesome blog. Where's the corner cafe? (feeling very not local now)

  4. Thanks for the comments, peeps! :D

    @max Stoked to be called a "cool local blogger"! The Corner Cafe is in Glenwood, on the corner of Cromwell and Brand. Check it out ;)


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