Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm sure Durbanites will remember the hoo-haa over the proposed closing of the Umgeni River Bird Park not so long ago... I'm so glad it was saved! Been meaning to go for ages and I finally went a few weeks ago. Unfortunately didn't make it in time for the free flight bird show, but it was still fun. Some incredibly colourful characters in there! Pity about the fencing.

You can buy nectar at the gate to feed the birds... which is a bit difficult through that fencing, but they love it.

These birds had the most amazing long eyelashes ever! Couldn't get a pic that did them justice coz everytime I tried to get it from a good angle she very slowly and ominously turned her head and long pointy beak at me.

These guys were very friendly, that last pic cracks me up everytime!

And look who was lurking round the corner!

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