Monday, 2 May 2011

Hand-made sculptures by Kate Macdowell

Digg the surreal, thoughtful feeling of these hand-made sculptures by Kate Macdowell. Such great detail as well.
In my work this romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment. These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors.

"I hand sculpt each piece out of porcelain, often building a solid form and then hollowing it out. Smaller forms are built petal by petal, branch by branch and allow me the chance to get immersed in close study of the structure of a blossom or a bee. I chose porcelain for its luminous and ghostly qualities as well as its strength and ability to show fine texture. It highlights both the impermanence and fragility of natural forms in a dying ecosystem, while paradoxically, being a material that can last for thousands of years and is historically associated with high status and value. I see each piece as a captured and preserved specimen, a painstaking record of endangered natural forms and a commentary on our own culpability."

Check out more of her work on her site.


  1. Wow...that is amazing! Thanks for sharing! x

  2. Wow...that is amazing! Thanks for sharing! x


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