Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Great music, great design

So I've got these cool music sites that I've been frequenting for a while, and thought them worth sharing with you guys :)

Designers.mx is made up of mixes created and designed by designers. It's about discovering new music and listening to what inspires other designers to create. The themes are very varied and there's pretty much something on each playlist that you'll like, and the playlist cover images are a real inspiring visual treat.

Gorilla vs. Bear is a music blog based in Texas. They feature a wide range of music, not specific to any genre. But apart from their music, how rad is their blog design?! I love it to bits. Their polaroid page is also worth checking out, filled with pics from various music events.

Also check out this site that I featured a while back for more music.
If you find something you love that makes you skin-tinglingly happy on these sites, please do share :)

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