Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Watercolour Cats!

Absolutely love these adorable watercolour creations! Too cute :)
Numbers 1 and 3 are by Amber Alexander, 2, 4. 5 and 6 are by Water in my Paint. If you dig these be sure to check out their Etsy stores for much more! (here and here)


  1. I will admit that No. 3 kitty with the bow tie looks like my The Mighty Noonz (first name) Feel The Fear (surname).

  2. Most awesome and impractical cat name ever! ;)

  3. This is amazing. I just love the still photo. Im a muscle builder but I think I began to like this stuffs. Really cool

    David Jones

  4. Cats! Meow! One of my talents is
    to draw. I’ll try painting next week if I can work it out with cats. Thanks for
    this photo. I really love it.

  5. Love these kitty's water colour all the way!!


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