Thursday, 8 December 2011

Stuff you could buy me if you really wanted to (Part ||)

Just incase anyone got overwhelmed with the need to give stuff but couldn't think of who to give it to or what to give, I've made it pretty darn easy for ya, don't you worry :)

1 Sugru is a new air-curing rubber. It's self-adhesive to most materials and has so many awesome making and fixing uses!

2 Darth Vader hairdryer - 'nuf said.

3 DIY Furniture - Some really cool ideas in here. Would love this stuff in my house.

4 Exceptionally fantastic furniture from these cool people - problem is I forgot who and don't have a link, but I will find it soon and post more of their stuff. It really deserves its own post. Watch this space.

5 Awesome Shelframes from here.

6 Cubebot - awesome little toy from one of my fave "stuff" sites, Poketo.

Please :)

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