Monday, 6 August 2012

Sharing is Caring! Some useful apps & sites...

So a while back I mentioned sharing some cool sites and applications I use for managing tasks and productivity. Below are some of the main programs I use regularly and why I think they rock...

Feedly - If you subscribe to RSS feeds, you may like this. I've been using Google Reader as my feed reader all along, and I mostly quite like it apart from a few things I felt it lacked. But then I came across Feedly, and it just presents stuff really well, visually. You can sync your current reader and access all your feeds via feedly. It's just nicer to look at and use, and the Android app is fantastic, too!

Pocket - I'm really loving this app. It's a read-it-later or bookmarking app and it's perfect for when you're busy but you come across something cool that you want to revisit when you have time later. It lets you add a bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, so you just click that and it gives you the option to add tags so you can organise stuff (yes!) and that's that, all done. Close the page and move on, knowing that you can check it out later.

Clipix - This is really useful. I've been using it for collecting and organising blog content but it can be used to suit many needs. Basically it's also a kind of bookmarking/read-it-later app and is kind of similar to Pinterest in a way (you "clip" things to "clipboards" the way you "pin" things to "boards"), but with Clipix you bookmark the actual webpage instead of images and you can make your clipboards private, which is a big plus. You can also add people to it so it's just shared between you.

Evernote - To be completely honest, I don't find Evernote awesome - I think it could have a bit more to it to make it really useful. Having said that though, I do find myself using it a lot, for lots of important stuff. It's a good place to keep all your information/ notes/ ideas/ lists in one place. For example I use it for to-do lists, recipes, quotes, ideas, and a lot more. So although it could be better, it has become very useful and serves its purpose well. The Android app is really great, too.

If you have tools that you use that make your life easier, I'd love to hear about them! I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect task manager and calendar in one!
Hope you found these helpful :)

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