Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy Friday!

While everyone's been moaning about the days of heavy rain we've been having, I've been loving it! When I look outside and see the mistiness and rain and the bright green plants standing out so vibrantly against that, it makes me feel so happy and fresh and alive! It feels like what I imagine Ireland to be like (I'm dying to go there!). It also makes me feel productive and creative, which is awesome for working.

I've got so many ideas in the pipeline and am trying to get them all together while also trying to finish off this blog revamp. The main reason for it taking a while is that I can't decide what sort of look I want to go with, haha! But I want to get that sorted asap.
If you're a blogger or creator of any kind and would like to collaborate with me in any way - blog, illustration, or otherwise - please drop me a mail and let me know. Very keen to get into new areas and come up with new things (ceramics, wood, stationery, prints, fabrics...), and I hope to make those things happen soon :)

Next week I'll have a yummy summer cake recipe to share with you, plus some holiday pics from my past weekend away.

Have an awesome weekend! 

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