Thursday, 28 March 2013

Moments of Happiness 03

Moments of Happiness - pics from my week
I've been trying to stay home a bit more lately instead of working at cafés and stuff in order to not spend as much money, what with the petrol hike and whatnot. Because of that I've been having a LOT of kitten time (YAY kittens!) and haven't been taking pics of much else! So these pics are from a few weeks ago, but I really like them, hope you do too :)
Moments of Happiness - pics from my week - flowers
I love this cheap and nasty disco ball thingy I bought from a Chinese shop because it reflects the afternoon sunlight all over my room, which looks so pretty and also gets the kittens going crazy trying to catch the spots of light! Entertainment all round, haha. They're growing way too fast!

Happy Easter if you're celebrating, and if like me you're not, happy long weekend! :)

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