Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sneak Peek - Watercolour Patterns

Watercolour Patterns by Happiness is... Happiness is... freelance illustration, graphic design & stationery
I've recently developed a thing for patterns and have been really enjoying experimenting with creating some! Here are a few that'll be used for some products soon. What do you think? Would love to know how you'd like to see them used and which ones you like best, let me know in the comments!


  1. Ok I know I am a cat psycho but surely the cats are the best. Or the pink and yellow chevrons. Or the bows! I don't know! They are all amazing!

  2. Thanks, fellow cat psycho! I mean, @e9d18fbe05036c1559436ada68aee555:disqus ;) So glad you like them!


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