Sunday, 11 August 2013

Strawberry Charlotte and Persian Love Cakes

So following on from last week's post about this cake and dessert I made for Eid, here's the result of my efforts. Was pretty stoked with the way it turned out and they were quite well-received. Not too far off from the original pics either, I think! 
Unfortunately my pics were taken in quite a rush on my phone, so they aren't the best. What I liked about both recipes was that they weren't too rich. Both had subtle flavours and although the Strawberry Charlotte looks like it could potentially be an overly sweet creamy nightmare, it was just right. The only thing I'd change, if you're thinking of trying this, is using another recipe for the mousse. Mine was pretty soft which meant that when you cut into the whole thing, it kinda starts collapsing. A firmer mousse that holds its shape a bit would work better, and most of the original recipes used one with gelatine, so that'd work best.
Would love to know what you think, and do let me know how it goes if you try it! :)

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