Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Stationery Products - Wedding Stationery and Watercolour Handlettering

Hi peeps! Today I'm just sharing some new products I've been working on. First up is this art print below, which was hand painted by me and is now for sale in my store...
Be Still My Beating Heart - hand lettering painted art print
And here are some new wedding stationery themes as part of my ready made stationery sets, which you can find here and here in more detail. If you don't know how that works, check out this post for details. Do remember that text and colour are customisable and you can add on the specific elements that you'll be needing. (i.e. save the date, menu, etc.)
Wedding stationery themes for affordable, ready made, semi custom wedding stationery!
What do you think? There'll be more of the hand painted art prints coming soon, so stay tuned ;)
Also coming soon will be another giveaway, as promised earlier!


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