Sunday, 22 December 2013

Last Minute Gift DIYs

The season of gift giving is upon us! If you've left your gift shopping too late or are choosing to go the simple, cost effective and personal handmade gift route, these are for you! What I really love about them is that they can easily be adjusted and customised to be very personal or to suit materials you have on hand. Most of the materials are also easily found at a decent craft store. Have a look!
Happiness is... DIY Gifts - Fabric-covered letters and words
Happiness is... DIY Gifts - Handmade cookies and packaging
Happiness is... DIY Gifts - "Things I like About You" booklet
Happiness is... DIY Gifts - Ribbon Cuffs
Happiness is... DIY Gifts - Mug Planters
Happiness is... DIY Gifts - Hand-painted wooden spoons

Make it your own - paint on your own design or pattern; cover it in pretty paper; stick on paper crafted flowers or other decorations
Handmade cookies and packaging
Make it your own - Find a fun handmade paper packaging idea; place the cookies in a personalised hand-painted mug or other container that can be part of the gift.
"Things I like About You" booklet
Make it your own - Use pretty scrapbooking papers to make a booklet.
Ribbon Cuffs
Make it your own - Add on your own embroidered or beaded design.
Mug Planters
Make it your own - Find pretty teacups or mugs to use, or hand-paint your own; use vintage tins.
Hand-painted Wooden Spoons
Make it your own - Paint on a special quote or pretty pattern so they can also be used decoratively.

Hope you found these useful! Happy gifting  :) 
*all images are from the respective referenced links

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