Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hand Lettering • Calligraphy • Typography // 01

Feast your eyes on this little roundup of beautiful calligraphy, hand lettering and general typographic loveliness for your inspiration...
An inspirational roundup of Hand Lettering, Calligraphy and Typography
Left to right: one // two // three // four // five // six
Some of the above links for these images show process work for creating the lettering, which is really interesting to see if you don't know how this kind of type usually starts off. Take a look! I love lettering that's created from scratch (i.e. not a font) - it adds a whole new level of uniqueness to the content.
I'd like to make this a regular feature - what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below :)


  1. Gorgeous - love lettering and am a complete typography junky, so yes please - more posts like this would be fabulous :-)

  2. Awesome, thanks for your response, Jo! :)

  3. I would love for this to a regular feature! Lettering nerds unite!


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