Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Durban Bloggers Unite!

Durban Blogger Meetup 2014
This past Saturday was the first ever proper Durban Blogger's get together (#DBNbloggermeet). It was co-ordinated by Michelle, Verushka and Nicola who did an outstanding job of organising it, getting amazing sponsors and just keeping it running smoothly.
We each paid R50, which was donated completely to Kitten Action, and we were all asked to bring along some kitten food to donate as well. The venue was Hashtag, a new restaurant, and was fully sponsored with a lunch of individual pizzas and a dessert choice of chilli chocolate or banana fudge spring rolls. I went with the chilli choc (I love chilli choc anything) and it was definitely something - a crispy springroll with liquid chocolate inside that has a slightly aggressive chilli kick. It was delicious!
On arriving our tables were decorated with lots of edible goodies including cupcakes, macaroons and cake pops. There were speakers including Mandy, who started Kitten Action, The Fry's Guy, Lenovo, who gave away two of their tablets which they demonstrated for us.
Durban Blogger Meetup 2014

Throughout the event there were giveaways for everyone, and the grande finale was the goodie bag - it feels silly to even call it a goodie bag, it was more like a goodie truckload! Seriously, I think we were all in disbelief for a while when they started bringing them out, it was the closest I've ever gotten to an Oprah "look under your chairs" moment, and I'm pretty sure everyone felt the same. The bags were massive and contained such a wealth of stuff, not just in quantity but quality as well. Here's some of what was in there...
Durban Blogger Meetup 2014 - goodie bag spoils!Durban Blogger Meetup 2014 - goodie bag spoils!
Durban Blogger Meetup 2014 - goodie bag spoils!
Durban Blogger Meetup 2014 - goodie bag spoils!
Durban Blogger Meetup 2014 - goodie bag spoils!
It was great to meet new people and just have a good time.
Thanks to all the generous sponsors involved and mostly to Nicola, Michelle and Verushka for taking the initiative and doing such a great job with it. They've set the bar pretty high for any events we'll be attending from now on!

Sponsors: Hashtag DBN, Smith's Bake Shop, Drakensberg Chocolate Memories, Zomato, Le Creuset, Anna Louise Sleepwear, A New Weigh, Consol, Fry's Family Food, Lenovo, Blend Box Body Products, Swee & Moo, Clarins, Essentials Magazine, Filo Yoghurt, Golden Cloud, Rubybox Beauty, Greenleaf Olive Oil, Huawei, Ice Box Colors, John Freida, Stila Beauty, Lou Harvey, Madame Macaron, MyScoop, Oh So Heavenly, Optiphi Products, Penguin Books, Cooee, Debonairs, Pilosophia Botanica, Ponds, Rebelink Studios, REN Skincare, Rondavel, Royal Dansk, Elephant Shoe Stationery, Second Treasures Decor, Synergy Hair Products, Tasha's Fudge, Thierry Mugler, Thrift Collection, Uber, Wakaberry, Washi Bug, YW Couture, Grazia Mag.

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