Monday, 7 July 2014

33 Habits of Highly Creative People

I love this infographic that I saved a while back from the Brika site. Aren't these such great, practically useful tips? They're all things that I try to keep in mind at all times, so it's great to have this to look at to remind me. Get their free handbook for all 33 tips. (They're busy updating their site, so this link may not work for a while. I'll update it as soon as I can though!)

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  1. Amazing - those colours! Thanks for sharing! x

  2. I know, it's so well done! You're most welcome :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Claudz!

  4. i can't seem to find the post of all 33 habits, could you perhaps give me another link?

  5. Hi Janece! I've just checked the link and they seemed to have changed it since I posted this! It doesn't work from their own blog post either. I have contacted them and will let you know how to access it again as soon as they get back to me. Sorry about that!

  6. Update: They're busy updating their site so that link has been removed, but you can find it here for now:


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