Friday, 4 September 2015

5 Links Worth Clicking

5 Links Worth Clicking - Links that have stood out to me over the past week

I come across so many awesome articles and sites during the week and while I do often share them on twitter, I think this is a nice roundup. These are only links that have really stood out to me over the past week or two...

Burger King offered McDonald's a very creative truce for Peace Day, McDonald's declined, but others accepted. Such a great idea, but even if you don't care about the concept, the site is so beautifully done, it's really worth a look.

Blossom Type is a typeface made of real flowers. On this site you can create your own message in flowers and download it.

"It's not worth it" is an art director's take on the creative industry. Very well worth a read if you're in the creative industry, especially in advertising. His full post contains a lot that I could relate to.

This genius artist who put on a multidisciplinary exhibition pretending to be 100 different artists. It's not very long and well worth the watch, his versatility is astounding.

12 Little Habits You Don't Realise Are Messing Up Your Mood Each Day - make a positive change :)

Would love to know if any of these resonate with you, so share your thoughts in the comments :)
Have a great weekend! 

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