Wednesday, 30 March 2016

April 2016 Free Printable Calendar + Brand New Website (+ possibly the last post here)

Hey there! It's calendar time again... And it's also finally brand new website, shop and blog time! Yup, that's right, my new website has finally launched with a bit of a rebrand, and so the blog will be moving over there from now on. I've decided to still keep this blog live instead of shutting it down, because it's been through so much with me and I feel like it's kind of a thing of its own in a way... so it'll stay here for any roaming passers-by, but will from now on continue over here.  All the old stuff as been moved over, and the blog is still Happiness is... so it's not really changing much - except for more frequent posting and more focussed content. The monthly calendars, including this month's calendar, will still be happening, same as always :)

fathima's studio new logo

I've chosen Fathima's Studio as the name to pull together all the different elements of what I do. For now this covers my design and illustration work, my online store and products which will be both printed and downloadable stationery, and the blog. The store has a few recent products in it and will continue to be updated regularly. Keep an eye out on the new blog for a launch giveaway coming soon! Some of my social media handles have also adjusted to suit the new name, so don't forget to update those from the new site.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for following, commenting and supporting me here over the years! I hope you'll join me on the other side :)

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