Contact me

Feel free to drop me a mail at You can have a look at some of my work here or request my full portfolio and rates. I have various rate packages for you to choose from, and will be happy to tailor make a package to suit your needs. I hope to add some happiness to your life, too!

I'm also currently looking for people to collaborate with on various projects, so if you're interested in that or have any ideas or suggestions to share, let me know. 

You can find me on instagramfacebook, twitter and pinterest,.

If you'd just like to say "hi", I'd love that, too! Happiness is always better when shared :)


  1. Hiya! For good reviews and lots of info about cameras check out

  2. I really think your doodles and art are groovy! love them. Fun to see your creativity. It's fresh and lite and really nice. I'd love to post a doodle quote or two on my site just to share. I think they would make people happy. Which is good right? Making people happy. Thanks for your talent and unique style!


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