Friday, 15 April 2011

The International Weird Collage Show

How's these bizzarro collages! And how rad that there is an entire international exhibition dedicated to their weird and wonderfulness? Quite rad, I say. Check out more here.
It's a group exhibition that takes place in Madrid. Here's some background info on the history of collage from their site which I found interesting...
*Interesting enough for me to make the effort to translate (why yes, I do speak Madridian, actually), which is why the text might seem a bit wonky. I adjusted it a bit for clarity. 

"In 1912, Picasso and George Braque decided to cut and paste pieces of paper for newspapers, magazines, fabrics and other materials to directly capture reality in his paintings, rather than copy it and distort it. At that time everything seemed a mere coincidence, an anecdote that nobody knew if it would survive the passage of the avant-garde, the passage of the art. Principles of the 1990s, artists such as Kara Walker, Greg Lamarche and Eduardo Recife, working with the Internet, with all the material that the digital age has become accessible to all. The main tools are still the same, scissors, glue and paper virtually, and now the material is infinite and always available. The Collage is already a very consolidated artistic technique within the discourse of contemporary art."

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