Friday, 15 April 2011

The Tea Cup Collection

"Their search began for riches rare, 
in dusty antique stores here and there.
The tea cups they saw they discussed between them, 
one-off treasures from England to Sweden.
Beautiful designs born from their minds, 
all inspired by one of a kinds.
On cushions they printed these labours of love, 
only 100 of each, not one above.

So read the label and wash with care, 
and you'll enjoy yours for many a year."

A project by Pearly Yon and Mingo Lamberti

So you might have gathered that I have a bit of a thing for teacups. If not, now you know. So I just came across these really cool cushions inspired by antique teacup designs! Perfect!

"The idea for this project was born from a visit to an antique china store in Kalk Bay called “Whatnot & China Town”. Their extensive collection of designs was so diverse that it left the two designers inspired to re-create these designs in a contemporary way.
Just as there is a trend to mix crockery sets, Mingo Lamberti and Pearly Yon thought it would work to combine their own personal styles in a scatter cushion range." via astoreisgood
You can buy the limited cushions via astoreisgood.
Nicely done, guys.

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