Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Books of Adam

"Adam Ellis writes stupid stories about his life and draws stupid drawings to go along with his stupid stories. He lives in Portland and never eats tomatoes, ever."
And I might be in love with him. Ok, not really really. Maybe a little bit. This is why...

I stumbled across these illustrations the other day and I was instantly mad about them.
Firstly, he was ripping off Facebook people (yes, I am one, too, although I don't participate much. But I hate it for reasons that are blurry and vague, but very strong).
Secondly, there were posts and drawings about (SOOO CUTE! zomg, yes, I totally relate! Love it when they do that! Yes, mine do that, too! Aawww.... etc.).
Thirdly, his illustrations are rather rad. You can even get your own illustrated portrait!
• Fourthly, he's very funny.

"When I'm bored, I browse through 
my friends' Facebook images, choose my favorites, 
and draw them."

Check out more of his awesome stuffs here.

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