Thursday, 7 July 2011

When life hands you lemons, make lemon bars...

My experience...
I came across this recipe while searching for this Chocolate Pudding recipe (which is also flipping amazing, btw). The first thing that caught my attention was the picture, because I could already see that it had the second thing that made me read more: the texture. I really love yummy textures that add to the whole delicious experience, and this looked amazing. The following descriptions completely sold me, I went and got some lemons the next day:

"I love how the shortbread crust is all crisp and crumbly and how the lemon filling separates as it bakes. The top has a thin cake-like crust and underneath the lemon filling is all soft and yummy. ...[t]he shortbread is crisp and the lemon filling is tart and tangy."

They were even better than I expected. It was like a sherbet party explosion in my mouth, for realz. I say sherbet because that's what it felt like, you know that tangy, sharp sort of feeling, like not quite fizzy, but almost? Yeah. Flip, I can't wait to make more. I want to try oranges next time :) Carry on reading if you're thinking of making these. Otherwise, you can stop now.

I don't think they'd be everyone's cup of tea, I think you definitely have to be into the whole fruity biscuit vibe to enjoy this. I mention this because I know some people that are very much not into lemony flavours and didn't enjoy it at all. But that was ok, coz there was more for me!
Click here for a larger printable version.

I'd also recommend that you stick to the specified pan size.
NB: Make sure you grease the pan really, really well! I think maybe using greaseproof paper might be a better option. I greased mine well, but then I guess it must have got messed up when I was setting the shortbread.

Here are what mine looked like (without icing sugar). Not much like the pic, but still yummy :)

Thanks to Joy of Baking for such awesome recipes!
The lovely pic in the header is from another recipe for the same thing that I found the other day.

Happy munching! Let me know if you try it :)

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