Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Moments of Happiness 01

moments of happiness

Moments of Happiness is a regular I'd like to keep up that's basically a few shots of moments I've had that I've enjoyed recently. It's partly to just share everyday, small happiness with you guys, and also partly a record and practice in gratitude and mindfulness for myself. It forces me to be more aware of all those little moments and to get a quick snap of them, even ones that I may not post here, and I find it's really great to be able to back and look through all those little moments and take stock of all that's good. So this is the first...
moments of happiness - creative business workshop
moments of happiness - goodie bag from creative business workshop
The lovely and talented Nadia hosted a creative business workshop a few weeks ago which I attended. It was a fun day filled with useful information and I got to meet a whole group of new awesome people. We also got a goodie bag with some fun stuff in, including a Daniela's delicious brownie! (If you look closely you'll see only half that brownie made it to photo time!)

moments of happiness - yummy pink grapefruit gelato from ci gusta durban
A quiet moment on one of the awful hot days we've been having lately, cooling down at Ci Gusta with some pink grapefruit gelado and strawberries. As delicious as it was, I cannot wait for winter!

moments of happiness - henna on my hands for a cousin's wedding
The henna I got done for my cousin's wedding. I really love henna.

moments of happiness - my venus fly trap
moments of happiness - my venus fly trap
moments of happiness - my venus fly trap
moments of happiness - my venus fly trap
My dear little venus fly trap! I just love this creature, and it's really been thriving on my windowsill.


  1. Such a lovely idea! I love henna/mehndi and always find an excuse to have it done on my hands even if I have not attended a wedding. Love your blog!
    xx Sohini
    TV, Turmeric, Tea

  2. Oh you know Nadia her and I have been online buddies for awhile now.


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