Monday, 25 February 2013

Moments of Happiness 02

Where I share with you a few snaps of recent goings-on :)

happiness is... adorable kittens
These two little adorable sweethearts made their way into my life recently! The cuteness is so intense it's almost unbearable at times. My rule is I can't take in more cats unless they come to me coz then it's a sign, right? So these two were traipsing down the road one day following some people who weren't interested and would surely have been run over pretty soon had we not taken them in. And now they're mine :) YAY CATS!
(If you're also a cat person and would like to meet my other "kids", look here, here and here)

The beauty of nature at the Durban Botanic Gardens
The Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places to chill - it's so peaceful and beautiful, and inspiring! Nature and its colour palette are truly awe-inspiring.

Old books and peaceful moments in my favourite cafés
I collect second-hand classic books and I found a whole stack of great ones recently! It was like finding hidden treasure. I love reading and doodling at my favourite outdoor cafés.

The beauty, peacefulness and majesty of the sea
The sea! Need I say more? 


  1. Those kitties are cuteness on a platter!

  2. Hey, I love your work, it's beautiful, lovely and -awesome. You've given me an opportunity to see some interesting and wonderful stuff, I'm new to the world of illustration and design, but ever since I was small I've been doodeling til my hands nearly fell off. Now that I'm older and am in my first year of high school, I'm deep in my schooling (I'm a year ahead) so I don't doodle as much as I used too, but I find my self doodeling without noticing it, I love illustration full stop. I love that their are some many ways we can use art, design and illustration to change so many things, my comment which is more of a letter, (my humblest apologies) may not give to you exactly who I am, or may give you an impression of someone I am not, I right this message fast, so it may seem all a bit muddled, I love the Japanese form of illustration known as Anime or Manga,(i truly do) I sketch many drawing in this style, or at least try, not sure if I have some talent in my pencil skills but I have some sort of love or connection with a crisp blank piece of paper and a razor sharp pencil, I feel as if I could right a whole book just by using one picture that tells a story, the picture which I've drawn. When I sit down and sketch, I let my mind and thoughts run free, I listen to my music which helps me form my story and its picture. (I have a huge passion for music) I also love mainly all illustrations and sketches, I'm always willing to see, experience and hear new things, I'm a huge bookworm so I'm constantly on the search for different books and music. But what I wanted to ask you was for a few tips on illustration, design and doodles, I can't paint to save my life, I'm better with black and white pencil and paper., I just want to hear what you can tell me, how I can improve my sketches and what things I should do i and try, I want to find out more about you, you must tell me your ideas on all this, please help me for I'm a beginner who is craving and willing to learn the world of imagination put to paper, to hear how I can make my work more


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