Thursday, 27 June 2013

Save your RSS feeds before Google Reader closes!

The end of Google Reader
Google Reader is officially over on Monday next week, but don't be afraid - the other feed readers have made it super easy to import all your Google Reader stuff with no hassle and in some cases keeping all your bookmarks, stars, and categories. So if you like to keep up with all the bloggyness in one place via RSS, here are two of the most popular options...

Bloglovin' - A popular choice for many people. It looks great and is pretty good with functionality. This article has a very comprehensive look at what you can do with Bloglovin' and how to do it. Find Happiness is.. on Bloglovin' here.
Follow Happiness is... on Bloglovin' - a good replacement for Google Reader

Feedly - This is what I use. I switched over quite a long time ago, just because I found it looked better than Google Reader and I liked the functionality, which is very similar to GR. Here's an article explaining a bit about how it works and what you can expect. You literally just have o sign up and they import everything automatically, you don't even have to do anything. Here's Happiness is... on Feedly.
Follow Happiness is... on Feedly - a good replacement for Google Reader
If you haven't used RSS feeds and readers before, give it a try! It's a great way to keep up to date with all your favourite blogs in one place, and way more convenient that bookmarking. And it's really pretty simple!

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