Monday, 1 July 2013

Some Cool Stuff!

Humorous illustration prints by OliverandLyvia
Just thought I'd share some cool stuff that I've come across lately and am mad about! 
First up, these fantastic prints (above and below) by OliverandLyvia, which is 22 year old Lyvia Aylward-Davies from London. How fun! And funny. That pigeon always makes me smile. 
Humorous illustration prints by OliverandLyvia

Next up, Harriet Damave's unique hand painted porcelain Delft pieces. They are all individually hand made and hand painted in her own home kiln and studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (She doesn't only do cats, those just happen to be the only characters that apear here ;) View more here.
Unique hand painted porcelain Delft pieces by Harriet Damave

And last but not at all least are these tree stump lights from local company, Beards & Banjos. Aren't they just the coolest? So keen to get one for myself. You can get your own at their store on Hello Man.
Tree stump lights by South African company, Beards & Banjos


  1. haha...that Nutella print basically captures how I feel about my Nutella!

  2. Oh I love them all but that bird made me lol

  3. It should be Nutella's tagline, haha!


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