Wednesday, 26 November 2014

December Free Printable Calendar

Happiness is... December 2014 Free Printable Calendar

It's almost December! I've been so crazy busy with work that I almost forgot to share the December calendar - yikes! Here's wishing you the most wonderful and safe festive season :)

If you haven't got your December free printable calendar yet get yours now, below! (Lucky Packet subscribers get theirs first PLUS an extra freebie). And do share this post with others who might enjoy it :)

Happiness is... December 2014 Free Printable Calendar
Happiness is... free printable November calendar and planner 2014
Happiness is... free printable December calendar and planner 2014 (black and white)

I love when people share pics of their calendars in use! Share yours via twitterfacebookinstagram or pinterest using the hashtag #happinessis_calendars. 

Enjoy your calendar 
& have a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. It starts on Sunday! :D YAY! Thank you! Phew, it'll be a tad easier on my brain every time I look at it :) Very excited to use this.

  2. Yay! I didn't get my lucky packet email (don't know why) :( so I was so happy to find you had also posted the download links here! I LOVE the calendars! xx

  3. so gorgeous!! Just mailed you my order! yay!

  4. Each month is just better and better! Not sure how you do it! Amazing! x

  5. You're most welcome, M! :) Had several requests for that, so I took it into account and made the change!

  6. Oh no, that's very unfortunate! According to Mailchimp it has been sent but not opened... maybe it's hiding in the Spam folder?
    Thanks so much, so glad you like it! :))

  7. Aw thanks, Nadia! I do try to keep them interesting :)


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