Wednesday, 10 December 2014

#DecemberDoodles - An Instagram Lettering Project

Yikes, it's been all tumbleweed and crickets up in here lately!
The end of year crazies have hit, and since good blog posts do take a bit of time I've been microblogging over on Instagram instead, with the little gaps of free time I have available.

I always find I have the best ideas and the most motivation to do creative work when I'm busy with more serious work... which usually means I have to write down all my ideas and get back to them later. This time I decided to add to my already crazy schedule by starting a Doodle-a-Day project for myself for December, called #DecemberDoodles! I'm asking you to send me your favourite phrases or quotes for me to illustrate. Here are some that I've done so far from people's suggestions on Instagram...

Happiness is... #DecemberDoodles Instagram Lettering Project
Happiness is... #DecemberDoodles Instagram Lettering Project
Happiness is... #DecemberDoodles Instagram Lettering Project
Happiness is... #DecemberDoodles Instagram Lettering Project

I'm doing one a day, so share your phrase or quote in the comments, preferably on Instagram but you can share them in the comments here too, if you like!

Blogging will get to a more sane schedule next year, but I'll be popping in in-between until then, when I can :)
Hope your festive season has started off well!

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  1. I love what you have done in this post! You are so creative!

    I would love if you could doodle : Just Pursue It - Sue Levy
    Love to Inspire, Inspire to Love - Sue Levy

  2. I really wish I did an Advent challenge this year either type or illustration but definitely going to do it a lot more in the new year! Typography is something I really want to get better with.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  3. Love These!! Could you do God is within her, she will not fail

  4. OMG, I LOVE them!! Hope you're having a good December. xo


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