Sunday, 31 January 2010

Holiday pics! (part 01)

So I've finally got a few seconds to put up these long overdue holiday pics!
It was a really great holiday and I love these pics...

Random bits
Flavoured shaved ice! It was just perfect on that blistering hot day... and I liked the way it looked in the sunlight :)
Really liked this leaf too. Found it on the beach.

Cool road signs. Uvongo Beach Road was the road we were staying on...

A rock shaped like a huge foot! With the big toe broken off! Amazing!

This little dude was just parking off on a wall high above the beach. He looked super aggro though, just stared me down when I tried to say hi... wouldn't wanna mess with him!

Beautiful  crab. He was a lot friendlier... possibly coz he was deceptively dead. Shame.


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