Sunday, 31 January 2010

Holiday Pics: The Wild West Museum

The Wild West Museum
Took a drive past The Waffle House, and not too far from there we came across a Wild West Museum! I was SO amped, it was like a hidden treasure. I think this visit was the coolest part of the holiday! It's new and incomplete, but so so cool. There's a pub all kitted out like a proper wild west saloon and everything! There'll be an animal farm there as well, apparently, but at the moment it's just 2 donkeys, a horse and a massive black pig. I'm keen to go back there :)


  1. Where is this little wild spot?

  2. It's on the KZN south coast (South Africa) in Ramsgate, to be precise. Actually visited again when I was down there for a weekend away last month :)


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