Friday, 8 January 2010

Holiday time! (for me, hehe)

So I only got a lame one-week "holiday" over Christmas and new year... But I'm taking some leave now (more leave than I actually have, but nevermind that) to go for a much needed...

Vakansie by die See! 
(Holiday by the Sea)

Yay me :D So amped, I can't wait! Going down to the beautiful south coast of KZN, a little place called Uvongo, near Margate. Should be nice and chilled.
No blogging for a whole week though (*shock*horror* I don't own a laptop), but hopefully I'll have something interesting to say when I get back.

I plan on working on getting into a healthier routine while I'm out there. For me this includes:
- Sleeping early(ish)
- Walking a lot (to get fit and lose some weight)
- Drinking water and eating fruit
Will see how that goes... :P Hope I get to meet some interesting people too...

These are some pics from previous awesome vakansies...

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