Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fun and clever products! (that I really, really want!)

*Love* these products from multi award-winning German product design company, Ding3000. Really want all 3 of these, like for realz. The cake pan is such a freakin awesome idea! That really fat piece should have my initials imprinted on it.

"Everything under one roof. Lifestyle for the readers. Practical and ornamental. Magazin is a timeless and beautiful magazine stand in shape of a house. When disturbed while reading, just lay the open magazine on the roof of the house, and you can easily pick it up again to carry on reading, without loosing the page. Meanwhile your other favorite magazines can be stored under the roof."

"S-XL Cake is a baking dish with a new approach: The shape of the cake is inspired by the permanent issue "how to divide a cake?". S-XL Cake plays with our individual need for different sizes of cake-pieces in a decorative, provocative and ironic way by taking advantage of the new possibilities that flexible silicone baking dishes offer."

"Billy Wilder meets one's primary expectation of a shelf - to put everything in order. It is meant as a playful approach to the subject "our daily mess" and shall serve as an interim storage place for unsorted books, magazines and newspapers. The wildly growing rack makes Billy "wilder"."

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