Monday, 15 August 2011

Magical Embroiderations

So I checked out this exhibition by Hendrik Stroebel at the KZNSA gallery several moons ago, and somehow never got around to posting the pics... better late than never I reckon.

The wood and ceramic parts were really cool, but it was the embroidery that was truly amazing. It must take such a high degree of patience and accuracy to get that level of detail.
It made me appreciate how much more awesome it is to see art in real life as opposed to seeing photos of art on the net (which I realise is ironic since that's what I'm doing here, but you get what I mean, right?). It has way more impact in real life, and I've gotten so used to finding inspiration on the net that I kind of forgot about that feeling.
I only found out about the exhibition the day before it was to be taken down, so I only got to see half of it coz they were already taking down the other half. Pity.

Here's a bit about the artist and exhibition taken from the KZNSA site...
"This exhibition is the culmination of the artist’s remarkable journey, spanning 15 years to the near East, Levant and central Asia. Stroebel is one of KZN’s leading artists and his ceramic and embroidery work has been critically acclaimed. The exhibition is composed of works that combine ceramic, carved wood, bronze an embroidery. His 'free style' use of this labour intensive medium takes his art form to a new level. Stroebel's work abounds with the pattern and texture of the Arab and Islamic world. The artists abiding interest in antiquity is literally woven into these extraordinary images."

Read more about the artist and his work here.


  1. thanks for great pics! how amazing is Stroebel's work? I was blown away by it! that one can "paint" with cotton! Sheer genius!

  2. I was completely blown away, too! The level of detail is incredible, and just the thought of how much work goes into it... mindblowing!


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