Monday, 12 September 2011

A Rather Sharp Looking Collection

I found this incredible collection in an old album at an antique store the other day... I was blown away! Stoked that the shop owners were kind enough to let me go all happy snappy on its ass.
Who knew there were that many razor blade brands and awesome packaging designs! And they're suuuper old! Totally would have bought it but it was a tad too pricey for my little pockets. Would love to have the pages framed. Whoever this belonged to must have been a very interesting person.
Anyway, take a look :)


  1. Ou my god...this store is a real heaven for me:)
    i'm collecting cards, different, all kind of them..from new modern, black & white from 80s, old school photos, to this type antique cards...
    They're awesome, really amazing, &  considering the fact that they are really old
    makes me feel more jealous...
    where is that store anyway?


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