Friday, 9 September 2011


Finally got to see this movie!
It's what they call a "coming of age" flick, based on the novel of the same name by Joe Dunthorne, directed by Richard Ayoade (yup, Moss from The IT Crowd), and produced by Ben Stiller.

"Music can make things seem a bit more real, sometimes, if you know what I mean"

Basically, it's the much done storyline of awkward teenagers finding eachother and a connection based on mutual weirdness. Then life gets serious and stuff gets real. The difference being that it's all done with great acting, aesthetically lovely scenes and styling, Britishness, and a good soundtrack by Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner.

The main characters, Oliver and Jordana, have great presence and authenticity, while the characters of Oliver's mom and dad are also very well created and endearing. The dad is played by Noah Taylor, who looked familiar coz he was the dad in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and has also been in many other movies. I especially liked Jordana and the mom.
Worth a watch, I reckon.

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