Monday, 19 September 2011


Check out these amazeballz gifts I got! :D

My amazing long-time friend, who moved over to the UK many years ago, recently sent me this fanfreakintastic package! What makes it more amazing is that 3 of the things on here were in a post I did ages ago called Stuff you could buy me, if you want. Now I know that sounds just a bit too coincidental to have happened by chance, but I know she's not an avid reader of my blog (which is ok coz she's special) and she also completely denies having seen that post and she ain't no liar. So how freakin uncanny is that! Pretty damn uncanny, yes.

The other thing that makes this so awesome is that I hardly ever get gifts, almost never, in fact. No, not even for my birthday. And if I do get given something, it's usually something I don't really like much (but it's the thought that counts so it does make me happy anyway :). So basically, it is incredibly seldom that I (a) get a gift, and (b) actually LOVE the gift.

I am so freakin stoked, can you tell?! I probably looked a lot like this while opening it...

Or at least, that's how I felt inside, while going through an 80's montage in my head of all our good times together in the past to the soundtrack of With a Little Help from my Friends and That's What Friends Are For. She is the best at putting together the most awesome packages with lots of little things that make up one big package of pure awesome!

So I'd like to say a huge Thank You For Being Awesome to my friend, Kel, who has been the most amazing friend, always, even though we're so far apart and sometimes lose contact for a while when life gets hectic. She's always been around for me through some really tough times, without any judgement, no matter what. 
That's what real friends are like :) I'm so hugely grateful that I have her.

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