Thursday, 2 May 2013

May Photo-a-Day

May Photo-a-Day!
I love this cool photo-a-day idea I found on Instagram yesterday thanks to Nicola Ashe (@askashe). It was created by Chantelle Ellem, a.k.a @fatmumslim. I've never done any of these thing-a-day things coz I'm just not organised enough to be that consistent, and I just forget, but looking at the topics she's listed for each day it just looks so totally do-able that I think I'm going to do it. I had even already done the first one before I had seen that post! 
Old classic books - part of a photo-a-day project for May
I took a pic of the fantastic old book treasures I found yesterday. I feel excited just looking at them!
Anyway, case in point with my previous comment: by the time I remembered about today's topic ("morning ritual") my morning ritual was already pretty much over :/ Hah! But I'll catch up tomorrow and try to keep it going, I think it's going to be fun! 
Read more about it on her site. It's not limited to instagram and there are even prizes involved.
Are you going to try it? Follow me on instagram to see how it goes :)


  1. Looks very inspirational. I hope you'll post all 31 photos.

  2. What a fun idea. I think I am going to try get organized too, and join in!

  3. Hi @Helen Strydom! I'll probably post them weekly, on a Friday I think. Keep an eye out! Thanks for your comment :)


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