Friday, 31 May 2013

Photo-a-Day Ain't For Me...

So at the beginning of May I mentioned the May Photo a Day challenge by Fat Mum Slim and that I was going to give it a go - it totally owned me, guys. I'd never done any of those thing-a-day things because it didn't feel like me, and I was right. After the first few diligent days I ended up quickly trying to get the pic of the day done late at night with bad lighting, producing mediocre photos at best, and so decided to throw in the towel instead of filling my instagram feed with pics I didn't even want to upload. With so much already going on in any given day and so much to remember, trying to also remember to find an interesting-looking postbox to take a photo of was bottom of the list, and eventually off the list. 
I did take some pics of my own though...
If you also did the challenge and succeeded, well done! If you didn't and would like to try, here's the list for June and you can read more about how it works here. It's not restricted to instagram, so anyone can do it.
Have a fantastic weekend! :)
And don't forget to grab for FREE printable June calendar here.

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