Friday, 17 May 2013

Moments of Happiness 04

Haven't done one of these in quite a while! And looking back there have been many happy moments. Here are a few...
I finally got the old embroidery stuffs out and got back into it! SO glad I finally got round to taking that first step (I've been meaning to for literally over a year!)... now to continue. Really enjoying it. 
I got some impromptu beach time one beautiful Durban winter morning, which was just so calm, peaceful and soul-warming.

This made me really happy: I went to the Botanic Gardens tea garden for their famous ah-mazing crumpets one day and there were these hadedas lurking around for food. So I threw them some crumpet bits and noticed they were getting pretty close, so I held some bits out and they actually started eating out of my hand! That seriously made my day :) I feel like we're friends now. Pity I won't recognise them next time.

Really loving this jersey top I bought, even though it's kinda kitch. Feels like wearing a thin comfy blanket and the print makes me happy. 
I got a really great stash of classic second hand books from the last SPCA market I went to. I've got such a big pile waiting to be read now! Less internet reading, more book reading!

What made you happy recently?

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